Hire a Licensed Site Safety Manager from M Safety

M Safety Consulting provides safety staffing and services for construction sites in New York City. We have licensed site safety managers available to oversee your New York City jobsite.

LSSM Services

Licensed Site Safety Manager Services for Façade Restoration

Monthly charges for provision of LSSM Services for Façade Restoration Projects. This excludes services for Pipe Scaffold Installation and Dismantling. 

                                                                                            $ 1,000/mo. per project

Site Safety Plan

Façade Restoration Site Safety Logistics Plan 

$4,000 per project

Any revisions to the plan, after it is filed, to be billed at $1000/revision.

LSSM Services

Licensed Site Safety Manager Services, misc.

Provision of LSSM Services outside of the monthly oversight, e.g. installation and dismantling of pipe scaffolding for DOB inspection, travel expenses, etc. 

                                                                                   $145/hour [1.5x for overtime]

LSSM Services


Inspections (monthly/quarterly as may be required by DOB).

DOB mandated weekly inspections during COVID-19 Shutdown and after severe weather.

                                                                                                          $400 per project 

LSSM Services

Job Hazard Analysis

$1,200 per project